Doula FAQs

Does a Doula replace a birth partner?

Absolutely not! Doulas are a part of your birth team and support both you and your partner in labor and the postpartum period. There may also be concern that the roles of partner and doula are so similar that only one is needed, but doulas are unique in their own way because they aren’t experiencing a life changing event, they are simply there to provide non-judgmental support to mother AND father. With her training and experience, a doula is able to bring a new perspective to the birth or postpartum period. Doulas can help dads feel more confident in supporting their partner since the doula is likely to be more familiar with the medical system and the process during labor and postpartum by mothers and babies alike.

What if I want an epidural or scheduled Cesarean delivery?

Doula support does not end at an epidural or Cesarean birth. The need for a doula is still there to provide emotional, positional, and educational support throughout the rest of the labor. If you decide to schedule a c-section or end up needing one in labor, a doula can remain with you and help ease anxiety prior to and while in the OR (depending on hospital policy). Once you’ve been moved to recovery, doulas can still offer support in breastfeeding and stay with you to help with transitioning into your room and any other needs you may have.

Worried about the cost?

The cost of a doula is minmal compared to the costs of preparing for baby’s arrival. The studies have shown the benefits of hiring a doula go far beyond the costs and that women who have doulas are significantly more happy with their births. Don’t let money be the reason you don’t hire a doula. There are many ways to pay for doula services including HSA/FSA cards, credit cards, and gift certificates. Let me help you figure something out.

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